Juliette… Nice to meet you!

Juliette… Nice to meet you!

Do you know Juliette? Juliette-pain d’amour… It’s a promise of quality, a promise of authenticity and a piece of France in the heart of Zurich.

Juliette has decided to settle down in Zurich. This innovative French bakery and pastry concept will open its doors in March 2023. But Juliette is not alone in this adventure. Emile and Julien, both experienced chefs, have been accompanying her since the beginning.

They are counting the days until the opening and are looking forward to sharing their passion for bread and gourmet desserts with you. All products are made fresh daily on site. Tradition is very important to Juliette. There is still a lot to do before the opening… so we ask for your patience.

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We look forward to welcoming you soon at our boutique and café at Bleicherweg 72 or at our Atelier at Vulkanplatz 9.

See you soon,

Juliette & Team

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