Valentine's Day Saint-Valentin Valentinstag Cake Love Torte Dessert

Are you Romeo or Juliette?

Let’s celebrate love! 

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Juliette is delighted to present you her exclusive limited-edition products. Let yourself be whisked away to romance with our heart-shaped delicacies, made with love and passion by chefs Émile and Julien.

Make sure your Valentine’s Day is full of love and culinary delights by pre-ordering our limited edition delicacies in our online store. Or pop into our bakery stores to reserve your heart-shaped Pain d’amour and St-Honoré x St-Valentin cake.

Available from February 9th.


Juliette’s “Pain d’Amour
A heart-shaped baguette bread: imagine the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread filling your kitchen, now imagine it in the shape of a heart!
Our Chef Boulanger Émile has put all his skills into creating a heart-shaped special edition bread.
Spend a warm and tender moment with your loved ones over a crispy slice of our Pain d’Amour.

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Valentine’s cake – The divine quiproquo: when Saint-Honoré met Saint-Valentin

Saint-Honoré, the patron saint of pâtissiers, was wandering around in the sky, marveling at the clouds of caramel and stars made of powdered sugar, when he spotted Saint-Valentin flirting with angels.

Saint-Honoré had sparkling eyes and came up to him with his characteristic French accent: “Well, hello Saint-Valentin! What are you doing here and handing out love arrows?”

Saint-Valentin was a little surprised and replied with a mischievous smile: “Well, I’m sowing love, of course! After all, it is Valentine’s Day.”

Saint-Honoré, showing off his chef’s hat, exclaimed: “Ah, I see! I myself hand out delicious éclairs and heavenly cakes. You could say that I am the patron saint of sweet delights!”

The two saints burst out laughing when they realized the divine misunderstanding. They then decided to combine their talents to create the ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert: a heart-shaped St-Honoré, garnished with delicate raspberry flavors.

A unique creation by our Chef Pâtissier Julien that you can enjoy as a couple or with the family.
A limited edition that you should reserve immediately. 

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