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Cheers to all Mothers!

Sunday, May 12th: Mother’s Day. 

“For love without end, without limit,
for the pure heart that invites us,
to all mothers, this delight, in your arms,
our sweetness becomes clearer.”

…and our pastry chef Julien has concocted a very special delight to share with the family: this year, Juliette’s Mother’s Day cake skillfully combines the exquisite, sweet flavors of orange and strawberry, with the pep brought by lime.

The cake combines a base of orange-flavored “pain de Gênes” with wild strawberry coulis and a yuzu-lime-orange mousse.

Available from May 7th, 2024.

Reserve your cake now in our bakery shops or in our online store.


Croissant… Café & Music!

Live Music in our Boulangerie & Café. 

New on 25.02.2024 and 3.03.2024, a concert will take place at Juliette Boulangerie & Café at Bleicherweg.
Enjoy your favorite croissants to music…

Sunday, February 25th: Featuring “City Jazz Trio”

Sunday, March 3rd: Featuring “Les Doux Complices”

Live Music will start at 11 am in our Café at Bleicherweg 72, Zurich.

All concert details will be posted on Instagram.

Enjoy a coffee or cappuccino prepared from a Barista of our Coffee supplier Stoll.

Valentine's Day Saint-Valentin Valentinstag Cake Love Torte Dessert

Are you Romeo or Juliette?

Let’s celebrate love! 

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Juliette is delighted to present you her exclusive limited-edition products. Let yourself be whisked away to romance with our heart-shaped delicacies, made with love and passion by chefs Émile and Julien.

Make sure your Valentine’s Day is full of love and culinary delights by pre-ordering our limited edition delicacies in our online store. Or pop into our bakery stores to reserve your heart-shaped Pain d’amour and St-Honoré x St-Valentin cake.

Available from February 9th.


Juliette’s “Pain d’Amour
A heart-shaped baguette bread: imagine the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread filling your kitchen, now imagine it in the shape of a heart!
Our Chef Boulanger Émile has put all his skills into creating a heart-shaped special edition bread.
Spend a warm and tender moment with your loved ones over a crispy slice of our Pain d’Amour.

> Find out more about Juliette’s Pain d’Amour here.


Valentine’s cake – The divine quiproquo: when Saint-Honoré met Saint-Valentin

Saint-Honoré, the patron saint of pâtissiers, was wandering around in the sky, marveling at the clouds of caramel and stars made of powdered sugar, when he spotted Saint-Valentin flirting with angels.

Saint-Honoré had sparkling eyes and came up to him with his characteristic French accent: “Well, hello Saint-Valentin! What are you doing here and handing out love arrows?”

Saint-Valentin was a little surprised and replied with a mischievous smile: “Well, I’m sowing love, of course! After all, it is Valentine’s Day.”

Saint-Honoré, showing off his chef’s hat, exclaimed: “Ah, I see! I myself hand out delicious éclairs and heavenly cakes. You could say that I am the patron saint of sweet delights!”

The two saints burst out laughing when they realized the divine misunderstanding. They then decided to combine their talents to create the ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert: a heart-shaped St-Honoré, garnished with delicate raspberry flavors.

A unique creation by our Chef Pâtissier Julien that you can enjoy as a couple or with the family.
A limited edition that you should reserve immediately. 

> Find out more about Juliette’s Valentine’s cake here.

Galette des Rois Königskuchen dreikönig frangipane king's cake

The Galette des Rois

Who will be King or Queen on January 6th? 

Epiphany is a Christian feast: in the Catholic religion, it celebrates the Messiah who came and became incarnate in the world, receiving the visit and homage of the three Magi; in the Orthodox religion, Epiphany (or Theophany) celebrates the manifestation to the world of Jesus of Nazareth as Christ and Son of God through his baptism. It takes place on January 6.

Various customs are observed on this occasion. In France, Switzerland and Belgium, since the Middle Ages, a “galette des rois” or a “gâteau des rois”, pastries containing a bean, are shared on this day; the person who finds the bean in his or her portion is designated “king” or “queen”.

But where does this custom come from?

The galette des rois originated in the Roman Saturnalia celebrations, during which the Romans designated a slave as “king for a day”. During a banquet at the heart of each large familia, the Romans used the bean from a cake to draw lots for the “Saturnalicius princeps” (prince of Saturnalia). The “king for a day” has the power to fulfill all his desires during the day (such as giving orders to his master) before returning to his servile life. To ensure the random distribution of galette slices, it is customary for the youngest member of the family to stand under the table and name the recipient of each new slice.

In Switzerland, the galette des rois is made with brioche pastry. At Juliette, this iconic cake is made with puff pastry filled with almond frangipane cream.

Don’t forget to reserve your frangipane galette des rois now! Juliette will be presenting the frangipane galette des rois throughout January.

Discover here Juliette’s Galette des Rois and reserve yours for the date of your choice: GALETTE DES ROIS

bûche de noël yule log chocolate roll xmas dessert christmas wiehnachten kuchen

The bûche de Noël

Juliette’s Yule log. 

Do you know where the tradition of the Yule log comes from? Originally, the Yule log was a huge log that was burned in the hearth on Christmas Eve. Rolled sponge cake filled with buttercream replaced this tradition in the 20th century.

This year, our pastry chef Julien has given in to the temptation of a chocolate-pear combination with a touch of caramel. Available from November 27th, the “bûche de Noël” will be the centerpiece of your Christmas celebrations.

We recommend pre-ordering in our online store: Yule log.

Grittibänz samichlaus saint nicolas st nicholas milk bun brötchen milch pain au lait chocolate chocolat chips

Grittibänz for St. Nicholas Day

Juliette brings you a gourmet “Grittibänz” for St. Nicholas Day. 

From November 24th to December 10th, try our little men, plain, sweet or with chocolate chips. This Saint-Nicolas will make the little ones’ eyes sparkle. It’s also a great idea for celebrating the approach of Christmas at the “Znüni” with colleagues.

You will find them in our stores in Zurich and Erlenbach or also easily in our online shop: Grittibänz online.

For all company offers, please contact Caroline:

ilaria pasticcera team juliette

Ciao! I am Ilaria

Her name is Ilaria

She hails from the Venice region and joined Julien Mallé’s pastry team at the beginning of September.

From an early age, she worked in the kitchen alongside her mother, making cakes. Then she developed her passion by watching online videos and TV shows, reading magazines and testing recipes at home.

When she’s not baking, she likes to travel and look at fashion images.

What she loves about Switzerland: its multilingualism, nature and quality of life.

What she dreads: the coming sub-zero temperatures… But then she’ll be able to take refuge in the warmth of the pastry lab.

juliette erlenbach bäckerei konditorei boulangerie pâtisserie baker shop bread croissant frühstück goldküste

New boutique in Erlenbach

Juliette – pain d’amour at the Bahnhofstrasse 15

It’s the story of two friends… Emily and Juliette. 
Since March, Emily has proudly represented Juliette in her Erlenbach boutique “Emily’s Department Store“. 

But in response to the increasing customer demand, Juliette has decided to open her own retail store in Erlenbach. The same premises now house the third Juliette – pain d’amour boutique. 

The broad and pastry selection of products as in the other shops awaits you. And of course… don’t hesitate to order online to ensure unfailing availability.

Pain Citrouille Halloween Kürbis courge potiron pumpkin special Juliette

Autumn bread

The “Pain Citrouille”

Our Chef baker Emile is not to be outdone. And for the cold season, he’s concocted a pumpkin bread. To be enjoyed without moderation 🙂

For lunch, discover the famous ham and béchamel sauce croissant. A French bistro staple!

vermicelles pastry dessert autumn vibes herbst

Juliette’s new autumn pastries

Vermicelles, Green Apple, Frambolat and more…

Autumn means browning leaves, fog and shorter days. It’s also a time to gather around the fireplace and savor our chef Julien’s new pastries.

On the menu are the traditional Vermicelles à la Juliette, the entremet pomme verte-noisettes, the frambolat (raspberry, chocolate), and the carré mangue-banane-passion.

And, of course, the great classics such as Opera, Paris-Brest and raspberry tart are back in our stores.

If you’d like to go straight to the tasting phase… our staff will be happy to advise you.
And of course… don’t hesitate to discover our products online to ensure unfailing availability 🙂